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Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting and Covid

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Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting is one of my most popular all-year-round treatments, especially before a holiday. However, the treatment does need to be considered more carefully now due to the recent news that hair dye could cause awful allergic reactions to people who have had covid. And it seems that patients with ‘long covid’ are at higher risk, although, there is no concrete scientific evidence yet to confirm this theory. Research shows in around 15 per cent of people battling any serious infection, the immune system remains “over-simulated” after the virus is no longer a threat.

The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) is now urging salon owners to adhere to safety guidelines, saying there can be a “heightened reaction” to the chemicals in hair colour after a serious illness.

Can you safely tint your brows and lashes? Well, the answer is yes, but a patch test is vital especially as many people may not even know they have had covid!

Hair dye is different from eyelash and brow tint. Although peroxide is used to develop the colour, the actual tint isn’t as strong and I can’t find anything in the news about eyelash tinting being a problem. However, it’s not worth taking the risk, particularly with the nature of the treatment being around the eyes! 

New Patch Testing Guidelines

Always carry out a patch test:

  • Before the provision of the first treatment – at least 48 hours.
  • After a change in a client’s medical history. This would include covid vaccines. The guidelines are to wait for 14 days after the first and second jab. No information is available on boosters but it would be wise to use the same safety measures. Guideline issued by BABTAC.
  • If the salon has changed any preparations used in lash/brow tinting/perming treatments or changed the manufacturer of their products.
  • At a 12 month interval since the last treatment.

Should a client experience a reaction to products that have been applied to them during a treatment and can prove that a patch test was not done to them appropriately, then the salon could be liable to legal action.

Information correct as of October 5, 2021

Spread the word and share the happiness

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