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Is Massage as Good as Medicine?

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Is Massage as good as Medicine?

Well, the answer to that question is, yes! During medical trials to understand the effects of massage on the body in combating depression, it was recorded that after massage the white blood cell count was improved by 70%. Results suggested that whilst massage makes us feel good it could also have a positive effect on our immune system, and this would also explain why massage seems to help so many people with so many different types of conditions.

How Does it Work?

White blood cells protect against different types of infection and heal and repair different tissue organs. White blood cells are stored in specific glands which are connected to the skin by nerves and massage stimulates the nerves which in turn allow the glands to release the white blood cells into the circulation, thus improving the immune system.

How Much Massage is required?

Massage stimulates the immune system so whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, it’s all good. Also, it doesn’t matter how soft or firm the massage is as long as it’s skin on skin contact. Couple massage with the right ambience and aromatherapy and feel good.

So the claims that I have healing hands really must be true!

The source is taken from BBC Trust Me I’m a Doctor, October 2018

Spread the word and share the happiness

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