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Author Archives: Donna Thomson

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting and Covid

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting is one of my most popular all-year-round treatments, especially before a holiday. However, the treatment does need to be considered more carefully now due to the recent news that hair dye could cause awful allergic reactions to people who have had covid. And it seems that patients with 'long covid' are at higher risk, although, there is no concrete scientific evidence yet to confirm this theory. Research shows in around 15 per cent of people battling any serious Read More

Why Massage Induces Sleep

Why Massage Induces Sleep - It is a well-known fact the massage helps us feel very relaxed, but what type of massage are we talking about and why is this the case? Massage is a holistic treatment, so it is more than just releasing tension in the muscles and oiling up the skin. It is about a chain reaction within the body from the moment the therapist places their hands on you. It even starts sooner with the anticipation of having a massage and how it will make us feel. The ambience of Read More

Unhappy Feet!

  Unhappy Feet! Squashed up toes, like nobody knows Begging for fresh air And wishing you'd just care! The callus heel is so coarse Is there no remorse To end this hibernation ordeal? Dull and lifeless As if you couldn't care less About pinkies 1,2 and 3... Yes, a coat of paint! It doesn't take a saint To help them escape from boots, socks, the lot Your nails will beam and shine Ah! Heaven divine It's good to see those guys again!   A spring poem for feet Read More

Is Massage as Good as Medicine?

Is Massage as good as Medicine? Well, the answer to that question is, yes! During medical trials to understand the effects of massage on the body in combating depression, it was recorded that after massage the white blood cell count was improved by 70%. Results suggested that whilst massage makes us feel good it could also have a positive effect on our immune system, and this would also explain why massage seems to help so many people with so many different types of conditions. How Does it Read More

Top Makeup Tips for the Festive Party Season

Here are a few easy makeup tips to help you look your best this Christmas... Good brows can transform the shape of your face and make you feel like a million dollars.  If you have a square face, avoid angular arches, and go for softer brows. Round faces benefit from angular brows, while long faces look best when they are fuller. Whatever your face shape, avoid brows that turn to far downwards. Define your brows with a brow pencil or powder and set with wax or clear lip gloss. Not Read More

Creating Skin Luminosity

So what is there to know about a facial? The face is cleansed, scrubbed, masked, massaged, toned, moisturised, right? Absolutely! Everyone knows that! But what do we really need to know about facials? Going back to basics it starts with the type of products that you use. Many products have synthetic chemicals that are toxic to our skin, our bodies and the environment, so it makes sense to say that the more natural the products the better you will look and feel. So that's the basics over, Read More

Pregnancy Massage

It is very rewarding and fulfilling knowing that during massage of any kind I am making someone feel physically very good, deeply relaxed and helping to harmonise mind and body. After all, massage is a holistic treatment, having an effect on the whole of the body. It's no surprise then that pregnant women can benefit enormously from massage too. Many women suffer from a number of common ailments known to pregnancy, and these include leg cramping, lower back pain, oedema of the feet, ankles Read More

Empowering Women Through Makeup

Empowering women through makeup. Sounds simple enough but actually, it can have the opposite effect if you lack confidence in either your makeup range or the way you apply it. We tend to be creatures of habit, and that includes the products we use and how we use them. The saying goes, ‘if it ‘ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing.’ But what if … ’it works, but it’s under-performing’? Or, ‘she thinks it’s working, but everyone else knows it’s not’! How many of us are guilty Read More

Introducing Lily Lolo Cosmetics

You may wonder how a beauty therapist or makeup artist chooses which brand of cosmetic to work with. When I originally trained as a makeup artist, it was with the brand Jerome Alexander, and so I used their products. Choosing the brand, you train with makes sense. However, years on, I found myself needing to find a brand again. My business ethos encompasses products that are natural, organic and aromatherapy based, so when I came across Lily Lolo, a natural mineral and ‘free from’ Read More

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